Use different speeds and techniques to meet different skipping challenges via @PAULWN1

Lesson Plan

Lesson objective – To use different speeds and techniques to meet different skipping challenges

Success Criteria – I can use the correct grip. I can use two or more skipping techniques. I can skip across a set area.

Challenge – Can you support your partner and give them a star and an arrow?

Key word – Technique (How you perform the skill, the execution of it)

This lesson like all others had a quick and active start. Pupils sat quietly were praised, objectives, success criteria, key words and our challenge for the day were introduced. The traffic light warm up was then explained and demonstrated by myself. Pupils understanding of the warm up was checked using the thumbs up or down system and the warm up began within 2 minutes of pupils entering the lesson. Although the lesson focus was using a skipping rope, the warm up included a variety of different movements and the movements for each colour of the traffic lights were changed regularly to challenge pupils.

Following the warm up pupils were given 30 seconds to recap their previous weeks learning which also focused on skipping. Different answers were given and open ended follow up questions were asked. Two pupils were then asked to demonstrate the first task, as with most lessons all pupils start on the same task and are then progressed onto further tasks later on. Some staff like to use set ability groups in P.E but I prefer not to pigeonhole pupils straight away. Pupils began the task of skipping using alternate feet from one side of the hall to the other, most pupils already began working towards the challenge and began giving their peers feedback on their skipping technique. In addition to questioning pupils about their peers during this first task I began to take note of different pupils for the next task.

Pupils were asked to leave their skipping ropes and come and sit down to self assess themselves on a colour scale of red, amber, green or blue. One pupil from each colour was asked to explain their current level and next steps to allow me to check their thoughts on their own progress but also to allow learners the opportunity to learn more from one another. Pupils then moved onto different skipping tasks suited to their needs, plenty of further peer assessment took place here as their was a clear divide in abilities. Again questions were asked as part of my ongoing assessment of pupils knowledge and ability. Following this extension task pupils were given 2 minutes to choose from a set of skipping challenges to allow them to explore further. Once complete, pupils were brought in and asked to put the equipment away before receiving their cool down worksheets to begin cooling down in small groups whilst discussing and reflecting upon their performance in the lesson ready for the plenary.

As with previous lessons the plenary included pupils final self assessment, peer assessment and questions checking their understanding of the key word and if they had met the challenge. Following this I ask pupils if there is anything they would like to ask me about their learning, including any questions about the lesson in terms of words they might be unsure about or anything they were asked to do that they would like explaining again. Before answering questions from pupils I give other pupils in the class a chance to see if they can answer them as well, again giving pupils the opportunity to learn from one another.

This lesson plan was submitted by Paul Norris, and republished with permission. The original post is available by clicking here.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my first ever Health Mentor Blog Post. I will aim to include much more detail next time, I have had difficulty multi tasking this evening! Please feel free to leave any comments and feedback.

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