UKEdChat 2020 Conference – Official Brochure


Practical Cognitive Load Theory

Alessio Bernardelli introduces this practical, engaging and interactive course offering great resources & ideas to implement CLT ideas.

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#UKEdConf21 – Certified Professional Development Course

The official CPD programme supporting the UKEdChat Online Conference (April 2021), offering exclusive content, interaction and recognition for delegates interacting with presentations.

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Social Media for Schools & Teachers

**COMING SOON** This popular course is currently being updated to reflect the recent changes, policies and advice for schools in relation to best Social Media practice.

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Classroom Management Fundamentals

Richard James Rogers undertakes to share over 30 classroom secrets that support positive teaching and learning, along with positive behaviour strategies.

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Metacognition Teaching Strategy

A professional development programme supporting teachers, educators and students to use effective metacognitive strategies in four steps.

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Teaching resilience

This course explores definitions, theories, as well as offering a framework allowing teachers or school leaders to develop strategies that support building resilience in students and staff.

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Outdoor Learning Opportunities

Looking to take learning outside of the classroom? This course explores ideas and opportunities for more teaching and learning to take place outdoors, no matter of the weather.

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Becoming a reflective practitioner

Using our IDEA framework, this course encourages you to explore aspects of your professional daily interactions in the role that they would like to develop further.

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