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Encouraging positive mental health across all schools is a priority that many school leaders grapple with to ensure that support is available to everyone within the community. Taking small, effective steps towards the objective of encouraging a mentally healthy community was the priority for Peter Radford, who has created two inspiring online courses. The first course supports school leaders in ensuring that staff are supported in their own mental health, as well as being able to support students. The second course supports classroom teachers in signposting and recognising when pupils need support, offering steps on being able to guide to a more positive outcome.

These courses can be purchased by schools to ensure leaders and staff are given tools in working towards a mentally healthy environment.

Click here to view both courses available (Each course is available individually)


 The basic price is £495 for up to 20-course codes and 2 copies of Peter’s book.

Additional course codes are priced as follows

  • Up to 49 additional codes: £30 per code
  • 50-99 codes: £25 per code
  • 100- 149 codes: £20 per code
  • 150-199 codes: £15 per code
  • 200+ codes: £10 per code

An additional book is sent per every 10-course codes.

To purchase this online programme for your school (or to enquire), please complete the form below, and one of our team will contact you.

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