Welcome to our free Bronze Event Promotion package application page.

This package is ONLY available for schools/teachers organising Teachmeet events, with free entry and sign-up available for colleagues. If your event does not meet this criteria, please explore the other options. Any applications that do not meet the criteria stated will be rejected without response.

Upon completion of the details, we will add your event to the calendar on the UKEdChat app (which is freely available on the Apple App and Google Play Store – click here for more information), along with the calendar on the UKEd.Academy website. 

Please add Teachmeet details below

    Terms and Conditions:

    By placing this request, you agree that:

    • I am an authorised person acting on behalf of this event, and am authorised to allow UKEdChat to promote this event in line with the Bronze Event Promotion Package features.
    • I confirm this event is a Teachmeet event only.
    • The event does not take place within 10 working days of the submission of this form.
    • I confirm that this event is free for teachers / colleagues to attend.
    • I understand that if UKEdChat deems that this is not a Teachmeet event, then we reserve the right to refuse the application.
    • I understand that UKEdChat, UKEd.Academy and the UKEdChat social media accounts can use publicity assets to help promote and identify this event. I authorise UKEdChat to collect digital assets from the URL submitted above, or that I will send promotional materials (jpg/png) to be used – If you wish to forward assets, please e-mail jobs@ukedchat.com.
    • I understand that UKEdChat (and its websites) hold no liability in the running, safety or further promotions for the event submitted.
    • I understand that UKEdChat reserves the right to withdraw promotions for this event without any notice or warning.
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