Delving into Differentiation

Differentiation can be one of those difficult beasts to tame, but once mastered it can be a defining element in the teaching and learning process. Let’s face it, when you stand in front of a class of 30+ pupils, no two students are the same, but differentiating 30 ways is not sustainable.

In this course, we will look at some of the best strategies to help make differentiation a manageable and useful strategy in the classroom.

The lessons involved include:

  • ⇒ Defining Differentiation
  • ⇒ Effective Differentiation
  • ⇒ Planning Differentiation

  • – Length of course: 1 hour
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  • – We strongly suggest that you make notes during this course as you will be prompted to answer some questions, at the end, sharing what has resonated with you.
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