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Mental health in schools, whether that of staff or students, cannot be addressed as a topic apart. It is not something that can be addressed by a scheme of learning nor by some drop-down days or INSETs nor even by increased access for staff and students to counsellors or mental health practitioners (welcome as that may be). Further, we cannot address student mental health in isolation from staff mental health.

In order to make any kind of strides forward, we need to change the culture of school which means fundamentally challenging and changing some of our entrenched mindsets, assumptions, and blindspots about human beings and how to go about education. This means recognising the role that every single staff member plays in creating classroom environments and school cultures that enable young people to grow and thrive physically, socially, academically, creatively, and psychologically; and the role that every single leader plays in creating a team culture in schools that enable all staff to grow and thrive physically, socially, academically, creatively and psychologically.

**The course cost includes a copy of Peter’s book, Love Teaching, Keep Teaching (click here to view the book on Amazon UK)**

The Course:

  • For School Leaders in primary (elementary) or secondary (high) school settings.

This course focuses on staff wellbeing across school and the role of leaders in enabling teaching and support staff to keep loving what they do and doing what they love. If you are a classroom practitioner and want the course that helps you support your pupils, please click here.

  • Upon successful completion of this course, you receive the option to download a PDF Certificate of Completion, which can be used for professional development evidence.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completing this course, you will:

  • Understand the components of staff wellbeing and how to address these within the context of everyday school life.
  • Be equipped to effectively model mentally healthy leadership that motivates, engages, and inspires staff and colleagues
  • Know how to create positive, emotionally literate teams that enable staff to innovate, thrive and succeed.

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Hana Brierley
Posted 2 years ago
An informative, inspiring and engaging course

The course navigates the current challenges facing teachers. It provides a wealth of fascinating solutions offering practical ideas to help develop mentally healthy classrooms, teachers and young people. I found the videos motivational and the text & visuals were well-balanced. I would recommend this course to all my teaching colleagues…but also to parents, anyone working in edu + other businesses

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