Inclusion in Education

Inclusion within education is imperative, and being excluded from any activity can be one of the most demotivating factors we face as social beings. But being excluded on the grounds of social standing, race, gender, sexual-orientation, mental or physical disabilities is one of the greatest injustices that humans place upon each other.

Yet, many students come into the education system with many challenges in their lives, without having to worry about whether they are going to be treated fairly and justly.

Supported by the online #UKEdChat discussion, this course explores definitions of what inclusion in education means in a modern context, along with tips and ideas to ensure all our students have the best access to education possible – overcoming barriers.

What this course offers

This is an introductory course for educators, school leaders, or students to gain a basic understanding of what inclusion means within any education system. Exploring the barriers, elements of what an inclusive educational setting looks like, along with exploring what inclusive teaching is, the course offers participants a chance to reflect upon their own experiences and philosophies to ensure every student gets the best educational experience possible.

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