Inspiring Independent Learning

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Throughout schooling, many pupils have spoon-fed a curriculum which helps them progress through critical examinations and on to the next stage of their education. For many, opportunities for independent learning are few and far between, as the demands of expectations do not allow for much freedom, exploration or diversion away from the narrow focus.

Yet, in this era of such constraint, opportunities remain alive for students to become independent thinkers, preparing them for the rigours of life, or the demands of university study.

In this course, we explore where the term ‘independent learning’ came from, and what it means for our students today. We examine opportunities, skills and strategies that encourage independent learning, whilst also allowing space for educators to focus on a local setting.

Additionally, this course explores metacognition as a premise for independent learning, along with offering classroom strategies that can be used to encourage independence among your students.

If you are tired of directing each step of the learning of your students and want to work on their independent learning skills, then this course will offer you ideas, strategies and resources in doing so, encouraging you to implement pedagogical changes.

Upon completion, you will receive a Certificate of Completion, that can be used as evidence for your professional development records.

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