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Many studies have shown the positive impact metacognition can have on improving pupil outcomes, but enabling metacognitive skills in our students can be tough when teachers themselves are unsure what the concept is.

In our exclusive #UKEdChat CPD Certified INSET course, we offer schools and colleges an in-depth exploration as to the why’s, what’s and how’s of metacognition.

Within the course, you can expect:

  • An exploration as to why schools and colleges should be implementing metacognitive teaching and learning strategies within their setting,
  • An exploration as to what metacognition is (beyond ‘thinking about thinking’), and what this means for staff and pupils,
  • A consideration of a mix of 60+ classroom strategies that can be introduced in the classroom to support teaching and learning skills.

Our exclusive INSET course can be worked within an in-service training day (morning, or afternoon), challenging colleagues to examine how metacognitive skills can enhance the teaching and learning process in the classroom, department, and whole school. Alternatively, the INSET can be delivered as part of an after-school training session.

To enquire about the availability of our INSET training, please complete the contact form below.

Don’t take our word for how effective this course is. Please see the testimonial below from a school in Lancashire, UK:

Additionally, explore a sample lesson attached to this INSET, which explains more about the training, as well as the options available to schools and colleges. Please freely enrol at the top of the page. In this free snippet, the course provider highlights four key reasons why schools and colleges should invest in metacognitive teaching and learning.

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