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The Metacognition Teacher Programme (MTP) is an affordable, high-quality subscription-based programme for individual teachers who want to develop their own metacognitive teaching practices. Within the programme, educators explore how metacognitive strategies can impact learners, and keep updated with the latest research, ideas and resources.

Within the MTP, you will:

  • Develop a deep understanding to what metacognition is, exploring key areas as cognition, automated responses, and acknowledging bias impact,
  • Reflect on your own professional practice, exploring how your own metacognitive teaching impacts relationships and successful learning.
  • Explore a range of metacognitive learning processes relevant to your students, and how to introduce metacognitive strategies in your own context.
  • Be encouraged to feedback on metacognitive strategies used in your classrooms, noting any positive or challenging aspects that make an impact.
  • Join a similar-minded community of educators, supported by the course author, exploring strategies that work in different contexts.

The course is aimed at educators working in all levels of education, and within different education systems throughout the world.

If you are looking at delivering an INSET/training programme to be delivered within your school, then please click here to explore the Metacognition Teaching Strategy, which offers a 4-step process to implement metacognitive strategies in the teaching and learning process.

Upon successful enrollment in this programme, you receive guidance, materials and resources to support developing metacognitive strategies in your own individual classroom. This programme has been created for individual teachers who want to reflect on their own teaching practices, support learners to develop their own metacognitive strategies, and access a range of research, support and resources to help become a metacognitive teaching expert.

The Metacognition Teacher Programme is now available to educators anywhere in the world.

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