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#UKEdConf21 – Certified Professional Development Course

Welcome to the Certified Professional Development Course accompanying the online UKEdChat 2021 Conference, supporting student teachers, teachers, school leaders and other educators globally in a 3-day virtual event during 6-8 April 2021. This online Certified Professional Development Course encourages delegates to engage, reflect and interact with (at least) 6 presentations during (or after) the conference, …

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Classroom Management Fundamentals

We are delighted to host this engaging online course created and presented by teacher and author Richard James Rogers. Based on his second book, Richard undertakes to share over 30 classroom secrets that support positive teaching and learning, as well as positive behaviour strategies that keep students engaged no matter what the subject. The course …

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Metacognition Teaching Strategy

Currently 50% Discount (Applied at checkout) until 31st July 2022 We are delighted to host our exclusive online course introducing the ‘Metacognition Teaching Strategy’ – Four steps to help schools, teachers and pupils develop their metacognitive skills to support the teaching and learning process. The MTS programme helps educators and teachers globally explore the ‘how’ …

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Teaching resilience

Can teaching resilience really work? These are tough times for our students. Exam scores demand that pupils focus more time on studying to pass; social media platforms demand constant attention to keep up-to-date, and the beckoning world of university and work seems to tougher than for previous generations. Some people sink into depression or suffer …

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Outdoor Learning Opportunities

For many, the domain of outdoor learning is focused on the early years of schooling, or related to physical exercise lessons, with most other subjects remaining within the confines of the school walls. However, there are many schools and practitioners who are always seeking to take learning outdoors, as the energy levels and change of …

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