Becoming a reflective practitioner

This introductory course on UKEd Academy underpins all the teaching and learning modules that can be explored and is a pre-requisite for many of the course undertaken. You only need to explore this module once and, so long as your membership remains, will not have to revisit the course again.

All courses on UKEd Academy are aimed at educational professionals around the world, with the focus being underpinned by improving pedagogy, classroom practice and improving skills for those in charge of teaching and learning.

The aim of this introductory course is to encourage reflective practice for educational professionals. Using our IDEA framework, professionals are encouraged to explore aspects of their own everyday interactions in the role that they would like to develop further, for the benefit of students, professional development, or a whole-school improvement.

Another key aim of this framework is to encourage, promote and reward collaboration, whether this is with colleagues locally, sharing ideas with colleagues via social media channels, or observing practice in other parts of the world, encouraging further professional development.

To attend some courses on the UKEd.Academy, completion of this course is required, as the reflective nature of being a professional practitioner is essential. The course should take no longer than 30-minutes, and we encourage practitioners to revisit this course every 6-8 months, to refresh knowledge, as well as to be inspired by other colleagues who have shared their stories back to us.

What this course offers

  • ♦  Length of course: 1 hour
  • ♦ Course cost GBP£5.00
  • ♦ Upon completion, you will receive a PDF Certification of Completion to save or print as evidence of your personal professional development.
  • ♦ We strongly suggest that you make notes during this course as you will be prompted to answer some questions, at the end, sharing what has resonated with you.
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