Striving for ‘outstanding’

For many, the declaration of ‘outstanding’ is too closely related to inspection ratings, with many in the education system striving towards such an award for themselves, their school, or their students.

But what does it actually mean to be ‘outstanding’, and how can school leaders, teachers and students sustain this continual notion. What have people who are often attributed as outstanding actually do, and how can criteria be fairly constructed to give everyone a chance at reaching their pinnacle performance in education?

This short-course invites you to challenge the term ‘outstanding’ and explore the criteria of which such judgements are made from. Participants are invited to define what ‘outstanding’ means to them, and where those ideas originate from.

Upon completion, participants can download a PDF Certification of Completion, providing evidence for the self-reflective nature of this course.

What this course offers

  • ♦  Length of course: 1 hour
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  • ♦ We strongly suggest that you make notes during this course as you will be prompted to answer some questions, at the end, sharing what has resonated with you.
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