Students and Social Media

There is no avoiding it. Social media is here, very popular, and there appears to be no abating with how people swarm to the multitude of platforms all vying for our attention, all for the sake of connecting with other people.

Pupils currently within the education system have grown up at the same time as social media platforms, and are familiar with the latest trends, platforms, and behaviour expected as they broadcast themselves to the world. So, how can educators support the students during this expansion of social media?

This online course is packed with considerations, resources and activities to support students engaging with social media platforms. Alongside social media platforms, this course also considers other popular online interactions regularly used by young people, such as Gaming and Messaging platforms.

The course is split into six sections:

  1. Firstly, we explore the social media platforms being used by students, including their features.
  2. We then address the safety concerns with posting updates and interacting on social media platforms.
  3. Next, we explore the opportunities that are available to students when interacting on social media networks.
  4. We then take out our crystal ball to examine potential issues of current social media postings in the future.
  5. The penultimate lesson offers practical lesson ideas and activities which can be used with students to get them thinking about their social media interactions.
  6. Finally, we conclude with a summary of what has been learned, along with inviting participants to reflect on ideas on how students can be taught to use social media responsibly.

This course is built on the inspirational ideas and conversation from the #UKEdChat session 367, but also provides additional ideas, reading and resources found by the author of this course.

What this course offers:

Many believe that teaching students about social media should be done for pupils aged 13+, as this is the guidance provided by many platforms for the age of their users. However, this course has been written from the provided analysis that children become aware of social media platforms at a much earlier stage, therefore it is the responsibility of schools and teachers to share good practice and offer advice to students and their parents about the opportunities and dangers of using online platforms. Therefore this course is aimed at any teacher, school-leader, youth worker, or parent of children aged 5+, offering activities and reflections about responsible social media use.

  • – Length of course: 1 hour
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  • – We strongly suggest that you make notes whilst participating through this course as you will be prompted to answer some questions sharing what has resonated with you.
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