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Can teaching resilience really work?

These are tough times for our students. Exam scores demand that pupils focus more time on studying to pass; social media platforms demand constant attention to keep up-to-date, and the beckoning world of university and work seems to tougher than for previous generations.

Some people sink into depression or suffer from a permanent loss of confidence when faced with the many challenges thrown at them, whereas others take advantage to snap back and build their lives with no worries in the world – or so it would seem. What carries these individuals through the tough times? Resilience.

Resilience is built from experiences that life throws at us, and how one person reacts will be different from how another will act. Offering our students tools, strategies and strength to build their own resilience is now seen as more critical, as competition to do well in life is so pressurised, more than ever before. Social media, university or job opportunities are more difficult to obtain, so having strong resilient traits can help build character….or can it?

What this course offers:

This course explores definitions, theories, as well as offering a framework allowing teachers or school leaders to develop strategies that support building resilience in students and staff.

Considerations are also given to the impact on resilience and mental health, offering cautions on how carefully educators need to be when encouraging resilience.

  • – Length of course: 2 hours+
  • – Course cost GBP£15
  • – Upon completion, you will receive a PDF Certification of Completion to save or print as evidence of your personal professional development.
  • – We strongly suggest that you make notes during this course as you will be prompted to answer some questions, at the end, sharing what has resonated with you.
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