Cyber threats, scams and general online safety

With so much reliance on our smartphones, being able to understand the technology and disseminate all the information out there is something that many people are unaware of. Ensuring young people understand the implications of their interactive communications online is more important, as global scandals involving some of our favourite social media platforms and online services highlighted how vulnerable we are to data mining, behavioural manipulation and a reliance on the technology.

The training offered, through this in-house training, can be developed to help all people within a school community understand the potential pitfalls of using online services, as well as the many benefits of having our online world available 24 hours-a-day.

The optional aspects of our training include:

  • Governors and School/College Leaders – An introduction to how an online presence can be good and bad for your setting, with support on developing a considered and well-understood online and social media policy for all school/college staff and students.
  • Staff – An introduction of how technology can be used to teach students the potential positive and negative aspects of technology, including developing a positive teacher online presence for the benefit of teaching and learning.
  • Students – Practical classroom sessions (40 minutes to 1 hour in length), delivered by our staff, to help students start to understand the positive and negative implications of using social media (including online gaming platforms), being aware of the need to disseminate news stories that may appear online, and an awareness of cyber threats that manipulate online safety and reputations. Includes real examples of (1) identifying fake news, (2) questioning online sources, and (3) long-term implications of social media interactions.

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