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UKEd.Academy Courses are created through a rigorous process and uniquely to help improve teaching and learning.

Growing Mentally Healthy Schools & Classrooms – For Teachers

Mental health in schools, whether that of staff or students, cannot be addressed as a topic apart. It is not something that can be addressed by a scheme of learning nor by some drop-down days or INSETs nor even by increased access for staff and students to counsellors or mental health practitioners (welcome as that …

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Metacognition Teacher Programme

The Metacognition Teacher Programme (MTP) is an affordable, high-quality subscription-based programme for individual teachers who want to develop their own metacognitive teaching practices. Within the programme, educators explore how metacognitive strategies can impact learners, and keep updated with the latest research, ideas and resources. Within the MTP, you will: Develop a deep understanding to what …

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Outdoor Learning Opportunities

For many, the domain of outdoor learning is focused on the early years of schooling, or related to physical exercise lessons, with most other subjects remaining within the confines of the school walls. However, there are many schools and practitioners who are always seeking to take learning outdoors, as the energy levels and change of …

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