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We have built and designed our online courses for teachers, school leaders and other school staff to access training at their own convenience and pace. We offer schools bulk booking of access to our courses based on your needs. We offer schools access to our online courses by invoice (or school purchase order – SPO), or by online payment. We have tested online access on most devices, and our courses work equally well on Smartphones, Tablets, PC’s or Macs. We suggest that modern web browsers are used, as older versions of Internet Explorer can cause access problems. Additionally, we suggest the latest versions of Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari are used to access the online courses more reliably.

What do the staff get?

  • By completing our online courses, staff can receive a certified UKEdChat ‘Certificate of Completion’ PDF, that can be used to evidence Continuous Professional Development (CPD) at review meetings.
  • All our courses demand reflective thinking and action-points for staff, offering opportunities to develop pedagogy, access resources, and be supported by our expert authors who are research and teaching experts in their fields.
  • Staff get access to the online course and resources for (up to) 3-months after they have been granted access to the course.
  • Each course offers at least 3-hours of training.
  • Access to our online ‘Note-Taking’ feature, allowing teachers to make notes and add reflections at the end of the course. Upon completion, notes can be simply printed or exported to a PDF or Word document.

How to order access to our online courses for your staff

There are two options for school leaders, administrators or teachers to bulk buy access to our courses.

  1. Invoice / SPO – You can e-mail us at providing us with invoice/SPO instructions, along with the additional information stated below.
  2. Credit/debit card – Simply select the course/s required, and change the number in your basket to reflect the number of people undertaking the course. Once you have been through the checkout you will then need to provide us with the individual information as stated below.

What unites both options above is that you will need to provide (a) the full name of each person undertaking the course, (b) the individual e-mail address of each person (so we can sent password and account information), and (c) the course/s that each person needs access to.

You can contact us by e-mail at, via the contact form below, or by telephone – (UK) 01772 429844.

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