Social Media


Social media is part of our daily lives, with many in societies embracing the easy nature of the platforms to consume news, communicate and find opportunities which interest them.

Many schools across the globe are embracing social media, using platforms like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to celebrate what’s happening in the school to parents, the local community and educational professionals further afield. Social media is proving a great platform to build bridges and open up your school, in a safe manner which is respected by local communities.

We are able to work with schools to establish a social media presence, ensuring that your school is given a voice at a national level, along with celebrating successes to your local community.

With our experience in using and developing social media, our team of professionals are supporting schools in the following areas:

  • During INSET meetings, talking to all staff about the opportunities and pitfalls of using social media.
  • Advising School Leadership Teams and Governors about policies to ensure that Social Media is a consideration for the whole school community.
  • For Primary Pupils (aged 9+) – Even though many platforms advise that social media members should be at least 13 years old, there are many children who have accounts. We work alongside staff to make sure that pupils have the foundations of using social media responsibly, linked to PSHE and Citizenship curriculum areas, with practical activities.
  • For Secondary Pupils / Further Education or Higher Education Students – We offer pupil workshops allowing for reflections and considerations on how students are using (or can use) social media, with considerations to how they portray themselves online, how employers access and view online social media accounts to screen potential employees, and how best to manage their social media accounts in a positive and proactive manner.


Please note that this training package is available to UK and non-UK schools. Please enquire for a personalised package.

All our staff possess up-to-date DBS clearance, of which will be shown prior to any training.

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