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Hello, and welcome to this UKEd.Academy exclusive Metacognition Teaching Programme. This programme is aimed at individual educators who are interested in improving their own understanding of implementing metacognitive teaching and learning strategies in professional practice. The programme is suited for educators at all stages of schooling, college and university, and also relevant to teachers of the wide variety of subjects on offer to our students. Additionally, although written in the UK, the ideas, resources and programme is suited for educators in any jurisdiction globally, where access to the internet and this site is available. At this moment, the programme is only available in English.

This sample lesson will give you an overview of how the programme will be made available to you as you progress. Fundamentally, the programme is concerned about helping educators understand the why’s, what’s and how’s of metacognition, helping you develop your own understanding of your own metacognitive abilities, which will then support in developing the skills of your students. As you progress through the programme, you will have access to a wide range of literature, research and resources to help you in your journey.

The programme has been written and curated by Colin Hill, who extensively researched Metacognition whilst studying his Educational Doctorate. He wrote and developed the UKEd.Academy’s Metacognition Teaching Strategy, which is a popular 5* rated online programme, and goes around schools to help develop metacognitive teaching and learning at a departmental or whole-school level. As with many INSET training session, there are often colleagues who embrace the theories, research and ideas behind metacognition, and there are those who struggle to understand it and resort to what they do on a daily basis – whether that is good, bad, or indifferent. This programme has been developed for those who embrace the theories, and what to try out new pedagogical methods in their classroom, essentially for the benefit of the students.

How will this course be structured?

Following completion of this lesson, you will progress with new lessons being released once every two weeks. You can proceed at your own pace, in your favoured location, and at your own time. Most lessons will include a reflective element, asking you to engage with the materials and resources revealed. Don’t worry, these are not onerous tasks, and you should commit as much time as you want to each lesson. Every couple of weeks, you will receive an e-mail alert that the next lesson is available to you….so please ensure that you can receive e-mails from our domain, and/or check your SPAM/JUNK folder. Some schools or IT departments automatically block our domain, so it might be worth asking them to add to their ‘safe’ list.

Programme materials

The programme will have a variety of materials as you build up your knowledge and resource bank. Some lessons will include video or audio presentations, with most being accompanied by downloadable PDF or Word resources that can be used in the classroom. You will also note that the ‘Comments’ (or discussion) section is open at the foot of each page. This is there to allow you to share your thoughts and experiences of the materials.

CPD Certification

#UKEdChat CPD Certification is released on this programme, after a range of reflective tasks that are required to complete. This is optional and not a requirement of progressing through the programme. Many people need to evidence their professional development in discussions with mentors or leaders, and the certification programme – aligned with your reflective tasks – will fulfil that requirement. The programme is aligned with CPD expectations for early career teachers, and teachers who have had more experience in the classroom. Opportunities to explore metacognitive leadership and management will also be offered as you progress.

Sounds great. What next?

This is a free sample lesson that we hope has helped you understand what the programme is about. To proceed, you will need to subscribe to allow the release of the first set of materials available. If you have any questions about the programme that you would like answered before proceeding, please complete the form below, and we will respond as soon as possible.

To proceed with the programme, please now click here to return to the main information page. Click ‘Take this course’ towards the top of the page, where you will need to create an account to proceed.

Please now check your inbox (or spam) to ensure you have received e-mail’s from the domain.

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