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Troubleshooting and FAQ’s

Sometimes the technology doesn’t work like we’d like it. For accessing your online UKEd.Academy course, if you are experiencing any problems then we are happy to help. Before you contact us, please see some of our troubleshooting tips below. If the problem you are encountering persists or is not listed below, then please contact us using the form at the foot of this page, or e-mail

UKEd Academy Troubleshooting

Common questions and solutions with UKEd Academy online courses…

A Lesson won’t ‘Mark Complete’

Progression for most of our courses is sequential, meaning that you have to complete all steps to move onto the next element. If you are unable to progress, this is because a topic or review task has not been completed. Please check the drop-down menu in the course progression tool to see if you have skipped an element.

A topic won’t ‘Mark Complete’

If the option to ‘Mark complete’ does not appear available within a topic, this is usually linked to video progression. Some of our topics require that the video is viewed completely which will then release the ‘Mark Complete’ option. For most videos, you can drag the play head forward and backwards at will, but you must drag the play head towards the end of the presentation to allow it to finish (please see image below). You will know when it has finished when (a) YouTube recommendations appear and (b) the ‘Mark Complete’ option turns green, allowing you to progress.

I have completed a course transaction, but I am unable to access it.

Completing a course transaction is usually fast, but can take up to 12 hours to be actioned. If you purchased an online course and have waited over 12 hours since the transaction was completed, please contact us via our online form below, or at Contact Us – UKEd.Academy

I have an account, but I am unable to login and access my online course.

It is advisable to login to your account using the username allocated at registration. Please see the initial e-mail confirmation of the course that reminds you of your username. In most cases, your username is your first name, full stop and surname (for example ‘sandra.bullock’), unless you were notified differently.

Please note, most usernames are separated by a dot (period/full stop).

I have an account on UKEdChat.Com, but cannot load my account on the Academy website.

Because of data protection and GDPR regulations, we are unable to transfer accounts over from our website to the UKEd.Academy (and vice versa). To access UKEd.Academy courses, an account will be automatically created when you purchase a course.

I am not receiving e-mails about the course.

Sadly, some of our e-mails to you end up in Spam/Junk folders. Please check these folders. Additionally, some school I.T. services block e-mails from outside organisations. If this is the case, please contact us via our online form below, or at Contact Us – UKEd.Academy advising of a personal e-mail address that may be more reliable (such as Hotmail, Gmail etc.).

I have an account on the UKEd.Academy website, but I have forgotten my password.

You can request a new password by resetting at Password-reset Page – UKEd.Academy with your username or e-mail address.

I work for a school, school department, local authority, or district, and want access to courses for additional colleagues.

We welcome bulk purchases to our courses. You can buy access for up to 15 people at the checkout. We just need their full names and e-mail addresses in the ‘Additional Notes’ section of the checkout. To gain access for 15+ people, please see the information at Information for districts, schools and colleges – UKEd.Academy where additional discounts may be applicable.

I am outside the UK, and unable to access the login page.

We are sorry, but due to spamming activities, we have to block certain countries. If you are a genuine teacher, educator or school-leader in one of the blocked countries, please contact us using the form below so we can approve access to you and your colleagues.

Why can’t I copy and paste text from the course?

Due to intellectual property and copyright reasons, the facility to copy and paste text from our courses is disabled. If there are aspects that you want, please use the ‘Take Notes’ opportunity on the site, where you can print and save (PDF) your notes to share your learning with colleagues.

None of the above help? Please contact us using the form below, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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